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Elder Bairn

Personal Status


This is an Elder Bairn that appears in the Blood-C anime series.


An anthropomorphic bat-like creature with a remarkably long tongue and strange tendril-tipped arms, which split into a multitude of small appendages.


The Bat demonstrated remarkable athletic skill and hand-to-hand combat with its strange arms and tongue. It was capable of leaping great distances and flying, but that was mostly the extent of its powers.


Not in the episode in which it featured for very long, this Elder Bairn was fighting Saya from the start of the episode. They fought at night in a forest, where the Bat managed to hold its own for a while against Saya, but was slain when it made the error of leaping down at Saya from a ledge. She took the opportunity to slice the creature's head in two from jaw to temple as it fell towards her. In its death throes, the Bat clutched its half-head and stumbled around for a few moments before collapsing, dead.

The Bat exhibited no exceptional abilities and lasted a very short time against Saya.