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Episode 11

The Cerberus is the second to last of the Elder Bairns to appear in the series.


It is a giant dog-like creature that has gold scales/skin and six legs, it has yellow/gold eyes and has a white mane. It has two ears/appendages that are actually arms and hands that can move and extend freely.


It is an extremely powerful being able to destroy houses with ease and crush its victims with its large body. It can use its arms and ears to attack and tear things apart.


The Cerberus is an Elder Bairn whom appears in episode 11 and episode 12. It destroyed a part of the shrine and followed Saya Kisaragi, Kanako, Nono, Nene and Shinichirou Tokizane. It later appeared in episode 12 again, after Fumito Nanahara arrives with Yuuka and Tomofusa. The Elder Bairn does not attack, acting only on Fumito's command, and for the time being waits. After Nono and Nene ask if it's over, Tokizane demands his money telling him (Fumito) that he won't do it anymore. Fumito calmly agrees saying "If our actors won't play their parts they can leave the stage". At this point the Cerberus attacks killing Tokizane (after pinning his legs, he crushes his head, before eating him) and then follows the twins who flee. Nene punches Nono in order to escape and Nono is killed (by repeatedly being slammed into the ground before being eaten). Nene is last to die as she is grabbed by the Cerberus and torn in half before also being devoured. The Cerberus did try to eat Kanako whom was rescued by Saya. Saya did not have her katana so she then fought using rubble from the ruins of the shrine. She freed Kanako and slammed a metal pole into the Cerberus' arm, after breaking its other arm both she and Kanako are then swallowed by the Cerberus; however Saya uses a pipe to prevent it from closing its mouth. While Kanako falls unconscious, Saya travels into its body and impales its heart ultimately killing the Cerberus and saving Kanako.