Elder Bairn



Personal Status


This is an Elder Bairn that attacks Saya and some fisherman.


He is calm but becomes irritated by Saya's heroism and tenacity. After Saya continually meddles in his and his accompanying Elder Bairns' attempts to devour the fishermen, the Gryphon threatens to kill and eat Saya if she ever interfered with them again.


The Gryphon is a bird-like creature with long yellow plumage, as well as long brown arms ending in taloned claws. His body ends in a brown nub of flesh from which his large yellow feathered tail sprouts. He also possesses some red hair-like feathers on his head and down his back, between his wings.


The creature is capable of flight, and doesn't appear capable of walking since it lacks hind legs. The Gryphon appears to command the two Elder Bairns that it appears alongside, and advises Saya that they are 'lesser' than it in stature/rank to it, just as Saya is to the ones who control her. It commands them through what appears to be shrill sonic commands that ruffles his red feathers when he issues them. The Gryphon is capable of inflicting vicious wounds with its claws and beak, and is strong enough to carry an adult human man with a single claw, and hurl one with such speed as to kill them from just a few feet from the ground. It is one of the few Elder Bairns capable of speech.


The Gryphon and his companion Elder Bairns emerge from the water and eats a fisherman (Yamada) before attacking two others, who they eat and kill by throwing sharply at the ground, respectively. After a protracted fight across the water, bank and in a construction site, Saya finally manages to defeat the three of them after constant taunting from the Gryphon as he grew more and more irritable from her interference. Before his death via decapitation, he told Saya "Honor the covenant (Shrovetide)."