Elder Bairn

Personal Status


The Shadow comes from Nono's shadow and has control over her, fighting Saya Kisaragi in the middle of town.


The Shadow doesn't have a basic form as it can change itself to whatever it desires. It can grow spikes, stretch limbs, create mouths, and absorb its victims. It can also take on a human-like appearance, as before it is spotted by two townspeople it transforms into a shape (like Nono) before killing them.


It is shapeless and can take any form it desires for offensive attacks (i.e. spikes, mouths, etc.), shrinking and growing at-will. This combines to make the Shadow a very formidable and dangerous opponent.


As Nono verbally assaults Saya for her confusing and un-helpful responses about where Nene is, her shadow extends strangely down the street, where it murders some innocent people with spike-like extensions of itself - drawing them into itself to be consumed. It then engages Saya, fighting her for some time whilst killing random innocents and gradually absorbing Nono (and the townsfolk) into its amorphous form. Though Saya often strikes the Shadow, her attacks appear to have little effect. Eventually, it takes hold of Saya and pulls her into itself, where Nono is revealed to be dangling in a web. Saya slices through Nono and kills both her and the Shadow with one strike.