Shinichirou Tokizane
Tokizane ilustrate

時真 慎一郎


Tokizane Shinichirou





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Shinichirou Tokizane (時真 慎一郎 Tokizane Shinchiro) was initially a classmate of Saya & seemed to harbor an interest in her.


He has the appearance of a handsome young man with black hair that is spiky and mainly falls over the left and the middle of his face. He has dark blue eyes and is quite tall with a tanned complexion. So far he is only seen wearing his school uniform.


He appeared to be quite angsty and usually kept to himself, isolating himself from the rest of the class. He always seemed calm and collected and never seemed to show his true feelings. He appears to have mixed feelings towards Saya and he seems to care about her but keeps himself distant. Several times he comes to her aid and hints that he cares and worries about her.

This however was an "act" and his real personality is more or less the exact opposite. He seems to only care about money and would do anything to get it, even going as far as taking part in the experiment set up by Fumito. He also thinks of Saya as a freak and wants nothing to do with her when it's all over.


Tokizane with blood tube

Tokizane with the blood tube

Tokizane was very quiet and basically kept to himself most of the time and only interacted with Saya, soon claiming he liked her. Upon seeing the Samurai Elder Bairn he did not seem very surprised and asked Saya for his help. However, he soon after "dies" after being attacked by an Elder Bairn called the Skeleton. It is later revealed that Tokizane is still alive after he appears behind Kanako, Nene and Nono and says he wants to hurry. He reveals that he brought with

Tokizane forces Saya to drink the blood

him a tube of blood from the Elder Bairn that attacked him, stating he wanted it to be over quickly so he could get his money. He forces Saya to drink the blood, so much so that she gets drunk on it. After some of Saya's memories come back they run away when an Elder Bairn (Cerberus)

Tokizane's anger

attacks them. Tokizane, Nene, Nono and Kanako meet Yūka and Itsuki at the entrance to the shrine. Tokizane becomes furious at Kanako, asking what'll happen to his money. Soon after, they look in terror as they see Fumito appear in front of them for some reason. After debating for his money he fails and Fumito has Cerberus kill him in the last episode. He is really killed when the Cerberus lands on his lower body and then crushes his head, his corpse is soon after eaten by the Cerberus.


Saya Kisaragi

He first appeared to have an interest in Saya but this is revealed to be fake. He only sees her as a freak and would prefer to have nothing to do with her.

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